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The early days

Dec 17 0

  There are so many occasions when you reflect and think back. Going back in the past and reviving your steps. I guess that is an inherent human trait. Events like  New Year enhances those reflections. While looking back, the early days always seem like a thrilling ride. A thrilling ride that made you spill […]

Social coherence

Mar 24 0

It is remarkable what keeps a nation together. In many countries the overall culture is a patchwork of regional cultures blended together. Indeed there no such thing as oneness in a way. But on the other hand some events are the display of exactly that oneness. In India people work towards the multitude of festivals […]

Open up

Mar 23 0

When you encounter a vagely familiar situation it is easier to stick to what you think you know. It feels safer to keep on the far side. In fact you just fool yourself into the belief that you understand the situation. The only good behaviour though is to open up and jump into it without […]

Auto censorship

Mar 20 0

As I jot down the first posts of my personal blog, I experience again the mind blanking pattern of self censorship. Do I write to please, do I write to convince or do I write to express myself? Can I write this and how can I say this? I talk to myself and decide to […]

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