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An excuse for leadership

Dec 17 0

  What goes around, comes around. There is a frame for things coming in and going out of your life. People stay in or disappear from your life. Your commitments change and nothings seems to last forever. However, within all this change you need balance within yourself. There is no excuse for not taking leadership […]

Google flu trends

Apr 18 0

There is a remarkable relationship between actual epidemiologic data and flu oriented google searches. Actual epedemiologic data is collected by health institutions and is based on actual reports of the number of afflicted people. Similarily, when more people are sick then they also want to be informed about their disease. Looking for medical information on […]

Medical education

Apr 12 0

17 years of training in medical education does not teach about social determinants of health. After years of steadily climbing the ladder of medicine you might come to realise that you have never looked around.

Six degrees of separation

Aug 25 0

It is a remarkable insight that everybody on this globe can be linked with anybody else in just six steps. The six degrees of separation comes from advances in a new field of research called Network Science. The foundations of this research traces back hundreds of years ago but recent advances stem from the past […]