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The early days


There are so many occasions when you reflect and think back. Going back in the past and reviving your steps. I guess that is an inherent human trait. Events like  New Year enhances those reflections.

While looking back, the early days always seem like a thrilling ride.

A thrilling ride that made you spill your popcorn often. One that made you shiver and left you hungry. However, after a few years the memories start to lose their character flaws. The memories turn into golden.

You also tend to forget in what circumstances you took the steps that made you end up here today. Sticking to past decisions is essential but being open to start over again is too. It is a difficult balance.

Those who are successful in life are able to make great decisions and are slow to change them.

I have openly changed my mind like the wind while my intent was to stick to my decision. I have trashed completely designed stuff. Not sure it was part of the creative process or just bad intent. There is a whole industry dedicated to making people stick to their choices. So I guess I am not on my own in that struggle.

Reading into Letters from a stoic by Seneca has helped me to learn and observe.

It has helped me to find navigate the daily turmoil and find base for a more bare bones approach. The things you own have the power to start owning you. I am not advocating a complete ascetic life. I am talking about finding stability within. Giving attention to the right things and finding power in what you are.

When you bend yourself to accommodate other people  you will also be out of balance all the time.

Your mind makes you swirls between the past, present and future. Observe it as it happens. I now observe I have been in a swirl too. Putting together an incoherent post merging different topics.

Guess what. I am shipping it anyway.

By putting on more content in the future just by keeping on typing I trust the process and the output will develop itself. One sample is only one sample. All will regress to the mean and by that time I will be looking for those edges. Back in the early days.

Bottom line: remember the early days but keep moving now.