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People That Deliver

Jul 15 0

Positive health outcomes require access to medicines and other health supplies, which in turn demands excellent performance from complex health supply chains. The health supply chain workforce therefore has an essential role in achieving global health goals, including the Millennium Development Goals for improving maternal health, reducing child mortality, and combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Rapidly […]

Mobile Health

Jul 14 0

The field of mobile health is an emerging multi-headed beast. I takes on a completely different shape depending on the way you look at it. First, the playing rules are far from established. It is still unclear how mobile techology can be effectively used to improve health outcomes. Many of the business concepts that are being […]

Producing Artemisinin

Jun 21 0

The WHO has recently released new guidelines for the treatment of malaria, and the first ever guidance on procuring safe and efficacious anti-malarial medicines. It is estimated that 80 countries have adopted ATCs for first-line treatment of uncomplicated P. falciparum malaria. WHO emphasizes the importance of treating this deadliest form of the disease with artemisinin-based […]

Indian generics industry

Mar 28 0

The substance of the original Indian Patents Act, 1970 abolished product patent protection in pharmaceuticals in order to ensure that medicines were available to the public at reasonable prices and was largely based on the recommendations of a report of a commission chaired by the jurist Rajagopala Ayyangar in 1959 which stated that laws “have to be […]