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Six degrees of separation

It is a remarkable insight that everybody on this globe can be linked with anybody else in just six steps. The six degrees of separation comes from advances in a new field of research called Network Science. The foundations of this research traces back hundreds of years ago but recent advances stem from the past 20 years.

Research by the Network Science Center at the West Point militairy academy changed the warfare strategies used in the second Gulf war. Luckily, network science can also be used for the benefit of the planet. Increasingly network thinking is being adopted in many other fields like informatics, microbiology, sociology and medicine.

There is even a charitable SixDegrees.org charitable initiative by Kevin Bacon. This followed the funny trivia game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

Below you can a series of 3 videos from the documentairy Connected: The Power of Six Degrees

Connected: The Power of Six Degrees part 1 

Connected: The Power of Six Degrees part 2